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Monotonik is an Internet-only music label that _exclusively_ releases electronic music online in the mp3 format - subscribe to our RSS feed to get info on the latest releases.

In their words: All of our releases are freely downloadable and distributable for personal, non-commercial use, and we've been releasing .mp3 and .mod files online since May 1996. We offer mellow and melodic 'idm' electronic music, alongside bleep-inflected retro videogame soundtrack stylings, plus selections of more uptempo breakbeat, drum and bass, and 'nu chill', courtesy DJs, groups, and producers from all over the world. More information about the label is available at our main website,

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by Beak
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The latest release for guitar and beat-strewn idm artist Beak on Monotonik, following the 'Amoral Mayor Earwig EP' back in 2004 and 'El Hacedor EP' in 2005, the 'Bishop Whitney EP' continues his extremely unique mix of strongly played guitar, acoustic noises and cut-up percussion in fine, fine style. This time, we start out with the characteristic plucked freneticism of 'Context Clues', before seguing into the languid crawl of 'Teach Texas Manner', further showcasing his totally individual,...
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by Beak
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We first hooked up with shadowy U.S. artist Beak earlier in 2003, when he made an 'absolutely checken' appearance, providing us with a few choice tracks featuring his unconventional but beautiful twinning of multi-tracked acoustic guitars and harder electronics. But it's taken us until now to choose the absolutely perfect combination of sweet and savory songs from his extensive, largely publically unreleased output for the enchanting randomly titled 'Amoral Mayor Earwig EP'. So, where did we...
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